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More than just photography.

Welcome to Giuseppe Silvestro photography.

No matter what type of business you have, I will create stunning visuals that capture its essence.

Every business should have a distinct look and feel.

How would you define your brand? Relaxed? Refined? Casual? Vintage? Moody? Airy and Bright?

Share your vision with me, and together we'll craft the perfect style to convey your brand's emotions, values, and identity.


Tilbrook Estate

Giuseppe is one of the best photographers I came across, he understood right away what i needed and came out with fantastic shots. I believe that food is similar to photos, you have to create a good connetion and energy to be successful and Giuseppe with his ideas and talent brings it out in his photos. I can't recommend him enough.

Earth Cafe

We have been left delighted with the quality of his work all the time. Giuseppe really takes time to understand and capture our needs, which is why why collaborate so well with him. He is also highly professional, clearly passionate about photography and his craft and he is an awesome guy too. 

Casa Bla Bla

Giuseppe the photos are horrible.

Horribly good!

Spargo's Cafe + Bar

Giuseppe has given new life to our brand. Being Spargo''s a 25 years old restaurant, we needed a new content strategy to reconnect with a younger crowd.

He was able to refresh our social pages and did a great work increasing followers and clients. We would highly recommend him to any business.

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