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Discover with me who are Adelaide's top 7 chefs. 

This project comes from the idea to display some of the dishes of the greatest chefs of South Australia.

Who will decide who are the 7 best chefs?

Well we will ask to them directly, the chefs!

I decided to start my series with chef Luca Guiotto and the list will go on based on the first chef's personal recommendation. They will choose the next chef based on their experience, expertise, or a specific aspect of culinary artistry they admire. This ensures a meaningful and personalised connection between each pair of chefs.

The only one rule?

The next chef of choice must be of a different nationality from the previous one. This will allow for different cuisines and styles. 

(Last Update January 2024)

How it started..

Chef #1

Luca Guiotto

Chef #2

Kane Pollard

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